Signing with BRAC for "BRAC University Institutional Building"






The project "BRAC University Institutional Building" is one of the latest additions to the country for its uniqueness of work requirements within the construction industry.

Next Spaces Limited (NSL) has been awarded the job followed by a formal contract signing ceremony at BRAC University premise (present location) on the 9th of March. The signees were Prof. Syed Saad Andaleeb (Vice Chancellor), Mr. Sukhendra Kumar Sarkar (Treasurer) for BRAC and for NSL Mr. Bimal Chandra Roy (Managing Director) in precsence of other high officials. BRAC has designed the building with highly sophisticated works and immense responsibilities to be carried out by NSL within the one year contract period. The initial job consists of 1) Site preparation and Mobilization 2) Subsoil Piling work of up to 70 meter depth with 1200mm in diameter 3) Concrete casting of the grade C35 4) Diaphragm wall work of depth 22.3 meter with 600mm in diameter

The job officially commenced on the 9th of May with a 69 meter depth 1200mm diameter pile after a brief munazat with BRAC and NSL high officials. The entire job is scheduled to meet the deadline with highest finish quality. A very skilled team of engineers (specialized on Subsoil works) are assigned at the project to carry out the job using highly sophisticated machineries and equipment (property of NSL) with skilled operators. The administration from NSL is very keen in maintaining liaison to facilitate all kind of support to make the job a success. An equipped team of maintenance personnel are always monitoring the wellbeing of the machineries and equipment. NSL is confident in achieving the goal within the agreed period of time.

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