"Diaphragm Wall" first time EVER!

By completing the first "Diaphragm Wall" ever in Bangladesh, Next Spaces Limited successfully added another milestone to their very own achievement pouch!

One of the awarded and signed projects called “BRAC University Institutional Building”, Next Spaces Limited has built the first time ever “Diaphragm Wall” in Bangladesh using brand new and highly sophisticated Machines & Equipment’s. The D-Wall was 600mm in width and 22.3 meters deep and continued for 513 (approx.) meters in length. This requirement goes over the top of any local company, unless of course taken necessary measures. Next Spaces Limited used a higher graded Hydraulic Rotary Rig - SR60 and GK-5 Grab (which was attached with the Hydraulic Rotary Rig SR30 for D-Wall). A skilled operator and an experienced supervisor were being appointed from Italy to carry out the jobs at the project under Next Spaces Management.  A very comfortable and experienced team assisted them alongside the regular required job at site.

Next Spaces Limited was determined to finish and deliver the job within time with assured quality. Over the years, Next Space Limited has made a reputation on standardized working process and proper use of technological methods. The type and amount of work needs to be done at the project required a synchronized team-work from various teams working spontaneously to achieve their own goals. The expatriates joined the Next Spaces Team within a month after starting the job and it significantly boosted the pace of the work at site. A successful completion of the project added the final crown to Next Space Limited’s achievement ladder.


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